SolarisFloat chosen to build Solar Floating Systems in the Netherlands

A consortium led by TNO recently launched a research project in the field of renewable energies. This, specifically, aims the installation of floating solar energy systems.

The petrochemical company SABIC, the Norwegian energy company Equinor and the municipality of Westvoorne are partnering in this consortium. It leds to the selection of three companies, from a list of twelve candidates, with promising system designs to help further develop floating solar energy in the Dutch Market.

SolarisFloat is one of the three chosen companies, that will implement its solution PROTEVS, a Tracking Floating PV solution, that aims to increased production output. This project is being implemented at the Fieldlab Green Economy Westvoorne of the Oostvoornse Lake near the Maasvlakte. After this first phase of the project, the solar system, of 50 KWp of installed capacity, will be tested for a year. This first phase will allow to analyze effectiveness of key features, such as electrical performance, mechanical dynamic stability and ecological effects.

This initiative is done within the Renewable Energies strategic approach of the Dutch Market, that aims to have 2GWp of only in floating solar until 2023.

“This is a very important recognition and big step forward for SolarisFloat, after the last years of assuring that PROTEVS is a market ready and competitive solution. We aim, since the beginning of this challenge,, not only for the National Portuguese market, but the international one. We know that we are ready, and will work hard, in partnership to potentiate the Floating PV Global market” – says João Felgueiras, General Manager of SolarisFloat.