RevolutioNEXT wrote an article about the solution that Solaris Float has been developing over the years, PROTEVS

The PROTEVS system is a unique solar farm located in the Netherlands, where the panels are floating on a lake. It may not have the highest power output, with a capacity of 73 kW, compared to the largest farm in China at 320 MW. However, it has other advantages that make it stand out in the industry. One of the main benefits of the PROTEVS system is its unique design. Unlike other floating solar power plants, the PROTEVS system is able to move with the water and adjust to the sun’s position, increasing its efficiency. This means that it can generate more power per square meter than traditional solar farms. Additionally, by placing the panels on water, PROTEVS can save land for other uses, such as agriculture. Over the past decade, the total power output of photovoltaic cells worldwide has increased twelvefold. This trend is expected to continue, with existing capacity needing to increase sixfold by 2030 in order to stay on track for zero emissions. This means that large solar farms will occupy an area six times larger than they do now. As the world’s population continues to grow and the threat of a food crisis looms, it becomes increasingly important to use land efficiently. By placing solar panels on water, the PROTEVS system is able to generate power without taking up valuable land resources. This can be seen as a viable solution to address the challenge of increasing solar power production while preserving land for other crucial uses.SolarisFloat takes part of Large Scale Solar EU Virtual Summit, participating in the discussion panel “THE FUTURE OF EUROPEAN FLOATING SOLAR”.

On November 25th at CET (GMT -01:00)SolarisFloat’s General Manager will join a panel of high-level experts on Floating Solar to discuss strategies and approaches for the future of the Floating PV business.

This three-day online virtual summit promoted by Solar Media gathers 50+ high-level experts from all over the world to discuss the several aspects of the Solar within Renewable Energies Market.

Visit us on our booth for immersive approach of PROTEVS, SOLARISFLOAT Floating PV innovative solution, that its unique tracking system provide the best optimization of the output generated energy.

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