On July 22 SolarisFloat’s General Manager will be present at Intersolar Floating Solar PV Conference. He will join a panel of high-level experts on Floating Solar. Along with their business models and emerging technologies, they will share their experience and know-how on the challenges and strategy design within this field of work.

This one-day online conference gathers several high-level experts from Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and others. There will be a discussion forum for comprehensive and in-depth information about floating PV.

During the online event several trendy topics on floating PV will be presented and debated in several sessions. People will be able to attend to three main panels: Floating Solar PV – A Growing Global Footprint; Technical Aspects Above and Below the Water Surface of Floating Solar PV Power Plants; and Floating Solar – Business Models and Emerging Technologies.

João Felgueiras, SolarisFloat’s General Manager, will join the high-level panel Floating Solar – Business Models and Emerging Technologies, scheduled for 01:30 pm (CEST). SolarisFloat General Manager will share his expertise and know how on Floating PV with Tracking Strategy and Challenges.

In sum, market developments and first-hand best practice examples on lakes and off the coast, and financing possibilities and technical challenges above and below the water surface these will be the hot topics at the spotlight of this event.

To learn more about the event and register, please follow the link: https://bit.ly/320nPiZ


A consortium led by TNO recently launched a research project in the field of renewable energies. This, specifically, aims the installation of floating solar energy systems.

The petrochemical company SABIC, the Norwegian energy company Equinor and the municipality of Westvoorne are partnering in this consortium. It leds to the selection of three companies, from a list of twelve candidates, with promising system designs to help further develop floating solar energy in the Dutch Market.

SolarisFloat is one of the three chosen companies, that will implement its solution PROTEVS, a Tracking Floating PV solution, that aims to increased production output. This project is being implemented at the Fieldlab Green Economy Westvoorne of the Oostvoornse Lake near the Maasvlakte. After this first phase of the project, the solar system, of 50 KWp of installed capacity, will be tested for a year. This first phase will allow to analyze effectiveness of key features, such as electrical performance, mechanical dynamic stability and ecological effects.

This initiative is done within the Renewable Energies strategic approach of the Dutch Market, that aims to have 2GWp of only in floating solar until 2023.

“This is a very important recognition and big step forward for SolarisFloat, after the last years of assuring that PROTEVS is a market ready and competitive solution. We aim, since the beginning of this challenge,, not only for the National Portuguese market, but the international one. We know that we are ready, and will work hard, in partnership to potentiate the Floating PV Global market” – says João Felgueiras, General Manager of SolarisFloat.


From the five patents requested, SolarisFloat conquered the first one. This situation can accelerate the growth of the company in North America market and strengthen its position in growing sector of Renewable Energies.

SolarisFloat’s modular platform enables the installation of small floating photovoltaic plants, leveraging the surfaces of rivers, lagoons and reservoirs. The uniqueness of the solution, known as Protevs, relies also in the integration of one or two-axis rotation. This translates in increasing the power generation up to 40%.

The first patent of five approved in the US, regarding the unique modular design, will be a booster for the registration of these same patents in other geographies. This accomplishment will perform as a promoter of strategic networking and business in the North American market.


SolarisFloat is a jp.group company, a Portuguese business group, with an international presence in more than 70 countries. jp.group primarily operates in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, but also in complementing areas that reinforce and enhance the value of the solutions offered to the market.

Clean Energy, Solarising Singapore and Asia, Unlocking Solar Capital, Digital Transformation of Energy are some of the highlighted issues that will be debated on the next Asia Clean Energy Summit, from October 31st to November 2nd, in Singapore.

For the first time, SolarisFloat will take part as a speaker at the International Floating Solar Symposium (IFSS). Showcasing a new and innovative floating photovoltaic systemProtevs – the unique system in the world with two-axis tracking, Mr. Paulo Shao will rely on the theme PROTEVS: Why Not Go Tracking on Floating PV.

Mr. Paulo Shao, Special Advisor for Asian Market, has over 15 years of experience in sales marketing and 4 years’ experience in solar PV sector.

He took part in the development of Solarisfloat’s floating PV solution “PROTEVS” since the beginning of the concept. Now he is responsible for business development of the solution in Asian market.

SolarisFloat is a jp.group company, a Portuguese business group, with an international presence in more than 70 countries and that primarily operates in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, but also in complementing areas that reinforce and enhance the value of the solutions offered to the market.

ACES is the largest renewable energy conference & exhibition in SE Asia. Both conferences are part of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), which together attracts around 10000 people every year, over a 4-day period.